Box 43049 RPO Kildonan Place
R2C 5G5
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Association Profile

The industries participants range from small family operations to larger corporations employing up to fifty Manitoban’s. Most operations specialize in supplying wholesale and retail recycled auto parts to the repair industry and general public. Some operations specialize in supplying end of life vehicles or E.L.V.’s. To the provinces shredding facilities.

The Board is comprised of an elected volunteer group of four. The Executive Director looks after the day to day operations of the Association and reports directly to them.

President: Alec Gilman

Allied Auto Parts
1911 King Edward
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2R 0N3
204-633-0732 (fax)

Vice President: Emile Hogue

Aimes Auto Parts
15 Aimes Road
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3X 1V4

Treasurer: George Shea

Direct Auto Parts
155 hy#1 St Francois Xavier
R3G 2T5
204-864-2700 (fax)

Secretary: Greg Lane

Progressive Auto Parts
Box 45025 RPO Regent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 3A0
204-257-3259 (fax)



A.R.M. Box 43049 RPO Kildonan PlaceR2C 5G5 

Winnipeg, Manitoba