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About the Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba (ARM)

The Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba (ARM) was formed in 1958 to be a voice for auto recyclers in Manitoba. We are committed to leading the way for our industry in terms of environmentally responsible recycling practices, and maintaining awareness of industry trends, issues and opportunities in order to achieve more positive outcomes.

Our vision is to achieve high environmental standards along with a strong industry that benefits our members, customers, and Manitoba in general.

The recycling process not only makes sure your car is depolluted properly it also makes quality Green Recycled Parts available to repairers, insurers, dealers and the motoring public.

The reuse of recycled parts substantially reduce the cost of insurance claims,and when dealing with responsible licensed recyclers you can insure vehicles and parts information is recorded correctly.

When recycling vehicles that have reached the end of their lives, our members remove and arrange for the proper disposal of substances within them that would otherwise be toxic to the environment. This includes mercury, oils, gasoline, refrigerants and battery chemicals to name a few as well as tires and other materials that must be removed so that the steel bodies can be safely shredded, then melted back to re-usable steel.

Board of Directors


Greg Lane

Vice President

Emile Hogue


Paul Jaihel


George Shea

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Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba

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