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Direct Member Application

Want to become a member of The Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba? Simply complete both pages of the Full Recycler Membership Application below and a representative of ARM will contact you shortly.

A full recycler member is any person, partnership or corporation in good standing engaged in Manitoba in the work of “Auto Recycling” (the efficient, environmentally responsible processing of motor vehicles primarily for auto parts dismantling and resale of component parts) who has paid the fees for membership as a direct member and who has been admitted as a direct member by the Association in accordance with the rules for membership. A Full Recycler member has voting privileges at Association meetings.

Full Recycler Membership Dues: $800

Download the Direct Membership Application Form

Associate Member Application

An Associate Member is any business or group engaged in providing supplies or services to the Automotive Recycling Industry that will serve, advance and benefit the Auto Recycling Industry. An Associate member does not have voting privileges at Association meetings.

Associate Membership Dues: $400

Download the Associate Membership Application Form

Automotive Recyclers of Manitoba

  • George Shea c/o Direct Auto Parts