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Book your place at the Canadian EV/Hybrid Auto Recycling Webinar

Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) tells us more about upcoming event – The Canadian EV/Hybrid Auto Recycling Webinar.

The webinar is scheduled for November 4th is taking great shape and registrations are beginning to flow in.

The event came about after a conversation with Haydn Davies, Editor of Auto Recycling World in the UK, regarding the explosion of information surrounding electric vehicles and the gargantuan task of trying to keep up. Due to the differing economies and regulatory backdrops, we decided to create a Canadian event as opposed to a global one. However, this event will be relevant to anyone from around the world who has an interest in EV/Hybrid auto recycling.

The event was borne – I handle content and speakers, Haydn handles the webinar itself, set-up, management and post follow up, and we both tackle outreach, promotion and generating new and useful information for the industry. And most importantly, we engage with the stakeholders up and down the supply chain and regulatory agencies that need to hear from auto recyclers.

Much effort has been put in to place to mine the critical materials, build batteries, assemble the vehicles, get drivers in to cars, build charging infrastructure, etc – but the question still remains – what to do with the vehicles and their new advanced batteries at end-of-life?

We built the content for the event based on the known and unknown elements of EV and Hybrid Vehicle recycling.

Joanna Kyriazis, Clean Energy Canada will kick off the event with an overview of EV Policy in Canada. Through her work with Clean Energy Canada, Joanna has her finger on the pulse of electric vehicle policy in Canada, and will provide an overview of Canada’s challenges and opportunities in the transition to EVs.

I will be next up with an overview of the auto recycling sector in Canada with a specific emphasis on electrification – what we know, what we don’t know and what we need to know.

Ken Hendricks from the Automotive Retailer’s Association Auto Recycling Division in British Columbia will discuss that provinces efforts to create and disseminate EV dismantling resources. The safe, efficient and economically sustainable dismantling of EV’s is where the process starts for auto dismantlers, and Ken will show the tremendous progress being made in BC to bring high quality information, training and ultimately certification to the auto recycling sector.

Next up is Jeff Haltrecht, Call2Recycle, one of our event sponsors. As many are discovering new things about end-of-life management of EVs and Hybrids, the challenges of collecting, storing, and the logistical movement of batteries for both re-use and recycling options is critical.

Kunal Phalpher from Li-cycle, one of Canada’s early success stories in the field of EV battery recycling, will lead us through where battery recycling is and where it needs to be.

Finally, we are so very pleased to have Hans Eric Melin from Circular Energy Storage provide his thoughts on life cycle management of lithium-ion batteries and end-of-life strategies. As one of the world’s leading consultancy for data and analysis of the use, end of life, reuse and recycling of lithium-ion batteries, Circular Energy Storage is at the forefront of progressive thinking at EVs. Hans Eric will provide the global context that auto recyclers are working within when evaluating the opportunities and challenges relating to electrification.

We will include three Networking breaks throughout the morning for delegate interaction between each other and with the Speakers. The REMO software platform is built to mirror an in-person event, where you learn as much from the breaks as you do from the presentations.

EV and hybrid vehicle recycling is really A New Beginning, but within an industry that has existed profitably for over 100 years. To find out what is happening in the auto recycling world in Canada as it relates to the exponential growth in EVs, what auto recyclers are currently doing about it, and what role auto recyclers can (some would say must) play in a successful Circular Economy for EVs – please use the registration link below to learn, engage and prosper.

Article originally appeared in Auto Recycling World.

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