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Recyclers of the Round Table

Britain, 7th Century AD: In the two hundred years after Rome’s departure from their island, Britons have suffered from a near total collapse of their society. Invaded by Anglo-Saxons, the remaining Celtic peoples are united under the banner of Arthur. Ruling from his shining city of Camelot, Arthur summons his ministers and knight to bring the fragmented Britons together for one final stand against the heathen. When representatives of rival tribes meet, it is as equals, sitting together at the round table.

Norfolk, May 2019: In a world plagued by ever-worsening storms and floods, governments from almost every nation struggle to meet the rising energy needs of their ever-more populous nations. Auto recyclers from associations arrive in East Anglia intent on strengthening their industry. Their goal? To ease the environmental burdens of the world by making it one where auto recycling can thrive in every country.

In May, representatives of the world’s leading auto recycling organizations will gather in the East Anglian city of Norfolk for the 11th annual International Roundtable (IRT) on Auto Recycling. Co-hosted by the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association (VRA) and British Vehicle Salvage Federation (BVSF), delegates will discuss the problems common to the industry. They will also meet with industry officials, guest speakers, and local auto recyclers.

The event will begin with thorough reports on the auto recycling industries of each of the delegate countries. During a panel discussion with industry experts, the delegates will also discuss the benefits of the circular economy, especially within developing nations.

There will also be a number of panel discussions on the problems that new technology will bring to the world of auto recycling. One will look at the safety aspects of recycling electric vehicles, with a particular emphasis on dealing with high voltage components. Another will discuss autonomous driving vehicles and their impact on vehicle recycling. A third of these forward-looking panels will take a look at recent and expected innovations in dismantling, shredding and sorting How to recycle new materials used in future cars.

Auto recyclers eager to present on other topics still have the opportunity to submit their papers for consideration. Applications should be sent to the organizer, Andy Latham of the U.K.-based Salvage Wire, at

A history of the International Roundtable on Auto Recycling
Held every 18 months, and hosted by one of the founding associations, the IRT brings the peak national associations to discuss the ever-changing world of auto recycling. Past events been a catalyst for the global recyclers to share information about emerging technical and regulatory trends, business opportunities, and to showcase local and industry best practices.

Previous IRT’s in Brussels, Belgium; Las Vegas, Nevada; Tokyo, Japan; Coffs Harbour, Australia; Quebec City, Quebec; Liverpool, England; Phoenix, Arizona; Kushiro, Japan; Malacca, Malaysia and Niagara Falls, Canada.

Collision Repair Magazine March 2019

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